STAMP - Mission Trips

Greentree’s STAMP ministry exists as part of our missions program in order to:

· Encourage and assist Greentree supported missionaries.

· Develop greater personal involvement with their ministries.

· Train national leadership and edify the local church.

· Enhance our commitment to and understanding of world wide outreach.

2019 Trips

Belarus:  July 12 - 22

        Belarus Kid’s Camp with Pastors Vladimir and Anatoly and the Gatovo Church

Poland:  July 14 - 25

        Adult English Camp for Belarusians with Pastor Sergei Lukyanov of SEE Global and the New Covenant Church.

Atlantic City:  TBA

        Summer Urban Ministry Team in AC with Peter and Katie Eck and New City Fellowship (date to be announced)

London, UK:  October 4 - 14

        London Muslim Outreach - Training in Islamic Culture, Friendship Muslim Outreach, and Working with the Oasis Chruch Plant with our missions partners Randy & Margie Lawler.


Who can go?

Any able bodied and spiritually growing adult believer (and perhaps mature teens 16 or older) who is willing to be teachable/flexible and to work as part of a team under the leadership of this church.

What is involved?

· Download an Application and submit with a non-refundable $150.00 deposit.

· Upon acceptance, attend all preparation and planning meetings (once a month, one or two extra near departure date.)‏

· Supply all the necessary finances (on your own and/or through support raising. Please Note - All costs are approximate and may be subject to change.)‏

· Be ready and flexible to do what ever is needed to help missionary partners.

· Pray for God to lead and bless your efforts.

· Contact the church office for more info., questions and concerns.