Sunday Worship 10:00 am - One Service

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  • Every Sunday until September 9, 2018 | 10:00am – 11:30am

Later this summer, we will experiment with having one service instead of two.

This is not a permanent change at this time, but it is a step the pastors have been discussing and praying over for some time.

  • We will have one service for six weeks:  August 5th- September 9th
  • The service time will be 10:00a.m. This time was chosen to allow for adult classes before the service.
  • There will be a time of prayer for the services at 9:30 each week in Room 106.

The motivation flows out of our understanding of the local church:  Ephesians 4,1 Corinthians 12

  • The local church is a supernatural community raised up by God so that we might grow together in our love and obedience to him. And God has promised to work in a special way as his people gather.
  • A local church is healthiest when all the members are actively engaged in the more than 50 “one another”passages given in the New Testament.
  • The members of each local church are gifted by the Holy Spirit according to his wisdom, in order to benefit the entire church.

We believe that these realities may be best served when a church is able to gather in one service. Meeting together as one body will connect us all more fully to one another and the work that God is doing in and through us.

Benefits that we lose when our church family is divided by services:

  • Important events such as baptisms, receiving new members, family commitments, and prayer for the sick are only witnessed by part of the church family.
  • When God moves in a special way during a service, only those attending that service are part of it.
  • We limit who can be affected by each person’s gifting.
  • We have less awareness of who is part of our church family.
  • Deacons find it harder to connect with everyone in the church who need their area of ministry.

 Children’s ministry procedures during these 6 Sundays

We want children to experience how we worship together. Yet we realize it may be difficult for some children to sit through an entire service. Our plan gives families with grade school children the opportunity to be together during part of the morning worship service.

 Please check in your children prior to the service.

3 year old and under can be dropped off directly to the classrooms before the service.  

4 year old – 4th grade will start in the service with parents.  Before the announcements, children will be dismissed to their classes. (If you would like to keep your children with you for the entire service, please feel free to do that

5th grade and up will remain in the service.